The presentation page shows the final polished version of myself delivering the Ignite Speech on essential tremor.  

The about page provides Information on the author and the purpose of the site. A place to learn about essential tremor, technology, coping tools, and support groups.  


Shake It Up: raising Awarness and Providing Education About Essential Tremor

The links page features links to websites with technology, coping tools, support groups and information on essential tremor. 

The process page documents the steps that I took to create the Ignite speech and PowerPoint presentation. This page also documents the process of creating the website. 

The works cited page gives credit to the pictures and information that I spoke about in my Ignite Speech, used in my PowerPoint, and put up on

There is a link to my WordPress blog Shake it Up. Shake It Up is an online support arena for individuals living with essential tremor.